Energy Transfer in Macromolecules Vekshin N.L. SPIE, 1997

Volume PM26, SPIE-Press, USA, Bellingham, 1997 (soft cover).

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CONTENT of the book:

Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
Chapter 2. Mechanisms of energy transfer
2.1 Types of energy transfer
2.2 Inductive-resonance theory
2.3 Exchange theory
2.4 Nonresonance theories
2.4.1 Lattice model
2.4.2 Tiang''''s model
2.4.3 Polarization model
2.5 Phenomenological models
2.5.1 Diffusional model
2.5.2 Jump model
2.5.3 Excitons, phonons, solitons
2.5.4 On joining phenomenological and physical models
Chapter 3. Instruments and methods
3.1 Fluorescence instruments
3.2 Methodical aspects of energy transfer measurements
Chapter 4. Experimental determination of excitation transfer
4.1 Fluorescence of dye solutions
4.2 Phosphorescence and triplet-triplet energy transfer in
4.3 Non-classical energy transfer in organic exciplexes
4.4 Energy transfer in synthetic bichromophoric structures
4.4.1 Singlet-singlet energy transfer in bichromophoric
4.4.2 Excimer and exciplex fluorescence of bichromophoric
4.4.3 Energy transfer and electron transfer in porphyrin
containing oligochromophoric molecules
4.5 Energy transfer in polymers
4.5.1 Singlet-singlet energy transfer and "antenna" effect in
4.5.2 Excimers in polymers
4.5.3 Exciplexes and quenching of fluorescence in polymers
4.5.4 Transfer and migration of triplet excitation in polymers
4.5.5 Transfer of singlet excitation between dyes dissolved in
polymer matrices
4.6 Transfer and migration of singlet excitation in proteins
4.6.1 The tyrosine-tryptophan pair
4.6.2 About migration of energy along tryptophan residues
4.6.3 Transfer of singlet excitation from tryptophan residues
to the prosthetic groups and coenzymes
4.6.4 Protein exciplex fluorescence
4.6.5 "Antenna" effect and photosynthetic reaction centers
4.6.6 Fluorescent labels and probes in studies of spatial
organization of proteins
4.7 Transfer and migration of singlet excitation in nucleic
4.8 Transfer of vibrational excitation in macromolecules and
their complexes
Chapter 5. Conclusion

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